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Vintage Bathing from Recollections

The Victorian bathing suit is the first two-pieced swimsuit that we see emerge as a fashion trend. Before the Victorian era, swimsuits were generally one piece and extremely modest. While the women's and men's vintage bathing suits from the Victorian era are still modest by today's standards, they were revolutionary for the time.

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History of Bathing Suits (PICTURES) - Victoriana Magazine

The clumsy Victorian-style bathing costumes were becoming burdensome. A need for a new style bathing suits that retained modesty but was free enough to allow the young lady to engage in swimming was obvious. 1910: By 1910 bathing suits no longer camouflaged the contours of the female body. The yards of fabric used in Victorian bathing skirts ...

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Late Victorian Clothing for Men at Historical Emporium

Mens Late Victorian Clothing (1870 - 1890) The Late Victorian Era was humming with activity as the Industrial Revolution hit full stride, bringing revolutionary technologies and mass-produced products to market.

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Historical Emporium -- Victorian Clothing for Men and Women

Historical Emporium, Authentic Victorian Clothing. We carry Frock Coats, Town Coats, Tail Coats, Morning Coats, Top Hats, Waistcoats, Cravats, Victorian Dresses, Blouses, Parasols, and Victorian Theater costumes. Gentlemans Emporium, Steampunk Emporium, Western Emporium and Ladies Emporium are now Historical Emporium!

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Swimwear in the Early Days - Fashion History Pictures ...

Victorian Swimwear. Once the railway arrived in Britain the masses visited the seaside regularly and it spawned a need for new fashions. In the early Victorian era women had worn serge or dark flannel bathing dresses, but by the 1860s two piece belted costumes replaced the earlier styles.

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Victorian Bathing Suit | Recollections

Victorian Bathing Suit from Recollections ... Civil War Era Polonaise Sets Bustle Eras Victorian Era Edwardian Era ... Clothing Skirts Steampunk Suits ...

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